Just How Did this Happen?

Amazing that a former Catholic crosses paths with a young Methodist Pastor seems a little unique.  Add in that one is a quadruple Legacy at BAMA and the other an absolute DIE-HARD Gator fan and it is hard to see how these 2 ever spoke!!!!

So, you likely understand the Piedmont Padre was eventually selected to lead a congregation in, yes, the Piedmont region of America.

Now, Zimmern’s Twin?…..just happens that ZT has been stopped in excess of 100 times by people who think he is Andrew Zimmern.  Some great stories to include an entire restaurant in Florida who, after ZT even showed his driver’s liscense, thought it was an alias he traveled by and gave him a standing ovation when he left the building.  All Fun!

When the Piedmont Padre was selected to go to, yes the piedmont region, the parting gift from Zimmern’s Twin was tickets to the Alabama-Florida game in T-Town.  Great weekend although Bama rolled.   So….in subsequent seasons, we would text picks on Saturday AM.   Eventually, a little fun and sarcasim was included.  In 2016, the Padre said we should have this in a blog.  You know how guys are…”yea lets do it”….well, nothing but when 2017 came around, ZT found a Milennial and the Blog was born.

The picks are serious and we do look at the Vegas Odds.  That said, it is all about having a good time and sharing it with our friends!

Hope you enjoy and if you are not serious about college football, go read The Economist!!