Week 8 – The Hunt for an Undefeated October

3rd Week of October is more than Alabama vs. Tennessee week ( ONLY if you live outside of Alabama or Tennessee but.. ).   ZT and the Padre were spot on with “Midseason Malaise” last week as we saw 4 teams in the Top 10 take a fall.   It only gets tougher from here!

Eight teams in the TOP 25 are still undefeated, including Co- 2017 National Champions Alabama and Central Florida……..BaHaHaHaHaHa……tried to write that with losing it. LOCK PREDICTION OF THE WEEK:  One will definitely lose..

Hunt for Undefeated October

A quick pre-selection selection….it will be NC STATE  falling on Saturday although ZT would not yell out “anarchy” if the Wolfpack pulled off the improbable on Clemson’s Home turf.

Padre has been summoned for the annual ” Blessing of the Air Jordans” that takes place in Chapel Hill about this time…….will be a “pick time” decision on him this week.

ZT is on a roll……..passed by Krispy Kreme 8 times in 4 days and the “Hot Now” light has been on EVERYTIME!!      So here we go……

Michigan Wolverines      24    Michigan State Spartans   21

Sparty has won 8 of the past 10 in this series.  ZT believes Harbaugh has put together a very solid Wolverine squad but he continues to be challenged on the road.  They actually have not beaten a Top 25 team on the road since 2006.   East Lansing will be a tough place to break that streak.  MSU must have a solid game from QB Lewerke AND the Spartan Defense, which is solid against the run but a bit suspect vs. the pass.   HC Dantonio will have them ready.  The Wolverines are now playing for wins vs. “not to lose”……..solid play since an opening day loss to Notre Dame.  The Spartan may have beaten the Wolf in the movie 300 but not today.   Harbaugh dons a flannel shirt to accept the Paul Bunyan Trophy and is mistaken for a guy modeling Duluth Trading Company’s new “free-swinging flannel”…..Gary Danielson sends him a text about going camping…. 

LSU TIGAHS   28   Mississippi State Bulldogs     17

Coach O and the TIGAHS are on a ROLL!!  Next Up?  The western-version of Bulldogs.  Both squads are coming off big wins….TIGAHS over the eastern-version of Bulldogs and MSU off a confidence building win over Auburn ( They are still trying to put the flames out on the Gus Bus as of this writing ).  Expect the Bulldogs to run the ball and let QB Fitzgerald do the same.  TIGAHS will continue to enjoy the steady play of QB Burrow with a dose of defense that simply dominated Georgia last week.  Most think the game will be tight…ZT says yes but a late score after a turnover gives the TIGAHS a comfortable W going into a bye week with Bama on the horizon.   Starting the 3rd quarter, with MSU up by a field goal, Coach O comes out of the locker room with no shirt and a swollen jaw.  Post game, Laura Rutledge asks a player about the motivation during halftime.   He says ” Coach O punched himself in the Jaw, tore off his shirt, chugged a Red Bull and yelled ‘GO TIGAHS’….that’s about as deep as he gets….did you expect him to quote Socrates??”

Washington State Cougars   34    Oregon Ducks  31

Well, well, well…..West Coast action worth watching!!   The Ducks ( 5-1) with a great OT win over UW last week and the Cougars on a roll (5-1 with only a close USC loss ) makes for a great one.  Add ESPN in Pullman for the 1st time and the 200th appearance of the WSU flag on GAMEDAY ( dating back to 2003 ) and we got ourselves a PARTY!!  Duck HC Cristobal ( former O-lineman ) has converted Oregon to a running team with a 60/40 Run-Pass ratio…WHAT? At Oregon?  With uniforms brighter than the flash on the road to Damascus, it’s said anyone over 300 pounds who looks directly at them momentarily freezes.  On the other side, HC Pirate Mike Leach is ranked 127th in the run but does go there frequently in the red zone.   After the game, press ask Leach about the key to this win.  He says ” We scored more points than they did and didn’t let our guys talk to their fat little girlfriends this week.” 



Pirate Leach recalling lessons learned years ago!!!

BAMA  37   Tennessee Volunteers  17

3rd Saturday in October is sacred in Alabama & Tennessee.  This will be an interesting 102nd meeting with the Vols coming off a great SEC road win at Auburn and Bama looking for their 12th consecutive victory over UT.   No doubt, 1st year HC and former Bama assistant Jeremy Pruitt has Smokey’s boys reinvigorated after a few years of Butch “trashcan” Jones ( now one of 358 Bama Analysts ).  Bama has a banged up secondary to go with a banged up Hawaiian.  Tide needs to run the ball effectively and pressure Vol QB Jarrett “release me from” Guarantano.   Bama wins but not by the number Vegas predicts so don’t buy the 1/2 point.   After the game, Fat Phil Fulmer is walking back to his mobile home, still singing the song he sang last week in the Vol locker room after the Auburn game ( ” We don’t give a damn about the WHOLE state of Alabama ” ) when a 1978 Plymouth Volare, with Alabama plates, kidnaps him (in the trunk because he can’t fit in the car).   He is found 4 days later in the basement of a pawn shop in Pigeon Forge with a guy named Zed who keeps saying ” Bruce Willis ain’t no where around here boy!”


Tua in 2006

TUA the last time UT beat Alabama


ZT Quick Picks

Nebraska Cornhuskers    27     Minnesota Golden Gophers    24

Saw the title of an article that read ” Winless Huskers sore about 2017 loss to Minnesota”…WRONG!!…they are sore from getting their butts kicked but this is the week!!……………….I think?!?

Oklahoma Sooners     38      TCU Horned Frogs    28

Sooners needed a week off after losing to Texas and firing their DC Mike Stoops ( now an analyst for BAMA sitting next to Butch Jones ).    Horny Toads had a few extra days but much needed after dropping 3 of their last 4.  Boomer Sooner runs over the Amphibians in Fort Worth.

Auburn Tigers     35     Ole Miss Landsharks    24

International Space Station reports a fire in the Southeastern US.  Auburn AD confirms it is the Gus Bus and his house for extending the contract last year.  Ole Miss students are all still in The Grove on Sunday.  When asked why they didn’t go in the stadium they said ” we heard there was no football this week?!”……..they were right!

Washington Huskies    34     Colorado Buffalos   20

Buffalos were landed by some Trojans while the Huskies needed AFLAC after getting popped by the Ducks.   More Bison on special at Ted’s Montana Grill after this one!

USC Trojans  21   Utah Utes   20   –  UPSET SPECIAL

Utes are wearing “throwback” uniforms…1st ZT HATES that gimmick  2nd, what does Utah have worth “throwing back” to?  Assume they will wear black paints, white shirt, a black tie and have a bike on their helmet?   Trojan Man, in a tight one………..

UCF Knights    42   East Carolina Pirates  21

Only picking this game as UCF is working hard to stay undefeated en route to their 2nd National Championship……

ZT just heard Publix has Haagen-Dazs pints on sale 2 for 1!!   Headed to buy a chest freezer, then to Publix with a Sears Visa…