CFB – Championship Weekend is HERE!!!

tonya with cameraJust released photo of the Camera person on the sideline of the OSU game who may have injured JT Barrett!  For you younger readers….this is Tanya Harding….Even Urban was too nervous to confront her……… she has a history!!!!

Padre is so fired up about Mullen coming to UF, that he is has banned the word “Kelly” in his congregation.    Love it and great move for UF!!!

PAC-12 Championship

Stanford 27  Southern Cal  26

Padre predicted Stanford would confuse USC by trying to explain E=MC2 earlier in the season.  Clearly was wrong.  This time?    Stanford goes psychological by explaining the Oedipus Complex to USC, getting the Trojans all defensive and freaked out, allowing the Cardinal to head back to The Farm with a Trophy……and USC back to LA calling their mothers.

American Athletic Conference Championship

UCF   44    Memphis   33

Lincoln Nebraska is predicting  lots of “Frost” next week…….

Big 12 – Championship

Oklahoma 37    TCU   20

Frog legs for dinner in Norman.   Coach Millennial bringing the Hot Sauce!

ACC Championship

Clemson    30     Miami    16

Miami is just too beat up and Clemson’s Defense is just too good.   Dabo back to the playoff for a third year in a row!  And our dream of Richt vs. Georgia in the playoff dies.  Sigh………..

Big10 Championship

Ohio State    27      Wisconsin   20

Urban Meyer eventually goes to the Freshman QB and he lights up the Badgers late for a comeback win………oh, and queue ESPN’s “Ohio State is clearly the best 2 loss team in the country” stuff…….it should just be pre-recorded and put on repeat on the network.  I swear I think they hide it in the music of the Playoff Committee:  “You love Ohio State……..Think of the ratings…Meyer is your friend….Woody Hayes will haunt you if you don’t vote for us…”

SEC Championship

Georgia    26       Auburn   20

Auburn is beat up.  Georgia has revenge on their minds.  If they played 2 out of 3, I would take Auburn in game 3.  But alas, in Atlanta, the Dawgs take the SEC crown.   Meanwhile, whoever is running the ship in Fayetteville is making homemade early Valentine’s cards for a certain man who chews gum a lot:      “Do you want to be my Head Coach?    Circle “YES or NO”     love   Pig Sooie

Playoff Prediction

  1. Clemson
  2. Oklahoma
  3. Georgia
  4. Ohio State

Somehow the Committee jumps OSU over Bama because they won their conference title….completely ignoring the fact that OSU got in last season NOT winning their title because they had one loss and Penn State had 2.   Can you say “RATINGS” boys and girls?  Can you say Woody Hayes is a really scary ghost to haunt you?”

Padre settles in for a weekend of excellent football and to complete the “Welcome Back Dan” signs to be placed on every road leading into Gainesville

ZT is SO ready for the 6 games that are important this weekend!

Pac-12 Championship

USC 31   Stanford 27

Trojans have 2 losses, both on the road, in their 2017 campaign and are trying to make a statement to find a way into the CFP.  Long shot for sure with 2 loses.  The Cardinal had a nice win last week with some help to make it to championship.      Trojans have the Stanford fall finals schedule flashed on the Jumbotron at Levi Stadium every 5 minutes.  Just enough distraction to the Tree team to propel USC to the W.

American Athletic Conference Championship

UCF  45     Memphis  42

This should be called the “Where is my Coach Going Championship”    HC Frost from UCF is likely to be in Nebraska for Christmas while Tigers HC Norville is on every HC list in the country.    Now….back to the game at hand.    UCF took care the Tigers in September by the score of 40 – 13 and it really wasn’t that close!   Tough battle for Knightro’s boys last week in a shootout with South Florida.   Any hangover this week?  Maybe!!    Memphis (10-1) loves staying under the radar for Tennessee teams and happy for  the rest of the country to laugh at the Soap Opera in Knoxville.   Tigers have scored 40+ in every game since mid-October and 66 & 70 in the final two!!!    Put on a pair of Depends because if you get up to go to the bathroom, you likely miss 1 or 2 scores!!!!!

Big 12 Championship
TCU 34   Oklahoma  31   –  Early Upset Special

ZT ( wanting BAMA in the mix ) may be letting his heart blur conventional wisdom for this one.   HC Patterson will have the horned frogs ready to play.   Sooner QB Mayfield will do at least 10 things over the next 24 hours to keep TCU inspired!   Sooner defense is freaked out and never quite gets over it when they are sent a note about the Plague of the Frogs in Exodus and how it is a sign for the outcome of this game.   Letter is eventually traced backed to Tuscaloosa.

SEC Championship

Georgia   24     Auburn  23

Tigers are the hottest team in the country but both of those wins were at home where 1000’s of farmers showed up with rakes and sling blades to insure Georgia and Bama would not escape from Jordan Hare.    A little different in the Mercedes Dome where expectations area a 65-35 Bulldog crowd as they had a few extra weeks to pick up the non-allocated tickets.   Extra motivation noting the coaches post-game comments from the first match that went something like this:

Malzahn: ” Good game and hope to see you in ATL”

Kirby: ” We’ll be there for sure”

Malzahn:  ” Us too!”

Kirby:  ” I will till Nick you said that”

Malzahn:  ” Go ahead!”

Kirby:  “I’m REALLY  telling dad, I mean Nick, now!”

Malzahn:  “Honestly, I don’t care as I will be getting an extra $2 million a year when I go to Arkansas next week anyway!”

So…..Georgia will actually execute their balanced attack with Chubb/Michel on the ground and QB Jake from state Fromm in the air.    Auburn defense is the real deal but offense is banged up…. Since the Aubs drove down the price of Bama merchandise by 40% after an Iron Bowl win and showed their Tebow Jump Pass, Bulldogs will get redemption in Atlanta in a great game.   Gus bus heads to Fayetteville on Wednesday!  CBS Reporter Allie Laforce reports Matt Lauer has called her 83 times in the last 24 hours.


ACC Championship

Clemson  34   Miami  21

The Dabocados are ready for this!   Got all the ESPN folks (who have not been laid off) to basically declare them as the new ELITE TEAM in NCAA college football.  About the only thing they have not done right was to only allocate 200 tickets to the student body when over 4,000 requested.   As a back up, a watch party with Al Franken at a converted Chuck E Cheese was organized.  Word was they got him cheap and a free photo booth was included.  On the Hurricane side,  A great ride for ACC HC of the Year Mark Richt.  At least in the short term, it is fun to have THE U relevant again!!   Difference in this game will be in the 3rd Quarter after a Miami interception when they are trying to put the 40 lb. Turnover Bling Chain around the LB’s neck and accidently hit QB Malik Rosier in the head sending him to the ground.   After 5 minutes in the medical tent, he is declared out.  Key determination was he kept asking ” Did he go to JARED to get that?”….

BIG 10 Championship

ZT is eating a cinnamon roll from Loyless Donuts and still soaking on this one…….just finished some Hot Wings and a cold one so here you go…….

Wisconsin       27   OSU  24     Late Upset Special

SO much emphasis on Buckeyes, will they get in to the CFP WHEN they beat Wisconsin, etc., etc.   Badgers have improved play from Soph QB Hornibrook ( got to be tough to grow up with a name like that! ), a defense that has a great “get of the field on the 3rd down” rate, and oh yea, they are undefeated!!!   The Urbanator will have extra security on the sideline to protect JT Barrett and Tanya Harding is currently being held in an undisclosed Motel 6 by some “government contractors” till the game is over.

ZT headed to pickup a 25 inch pizza, a blizzard, and a diet coke to watch the SEC Championship……will worry about dinner later….

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