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Padre is in the “Swamp of Misery” now that Chip Kelly is talking to UCLA and Tennessee.  Hoping he can snap out of it in time to predict the Egg Bowl and the rest of the Rivalries!  UPDATE:  Padre has come to grips with the fact Brady Hoke may be on the UF long-list and is ready to prognosticate some Rivalry Contests as follows:

UCF  41   South Florida  30

The Knight slays the Bull!  Scott Frost’s boys find a way and are one step closer to a major bowl game!

FSU 27   Florida  10

Florida is just too beat up and suspended to have a chance.  What’s really sad is that the Padre is MORE broken-hearted over the Chip Kelly to UCLA stuff than the actual game on Saturday!   #GatorNation?….more like  #GatorBananaRepublic

Clemson 30   South Carolina 17

“Taste like Chicken……wait, it IS Chicken!” ~  Clemson

Stanford  27  Notre Dame 23

West Coast Nerds > Heartland Nerds……….and before you are offended, both places are awesome, and “Nerd” is a sign of jealousy on my part because I would love a degree from Stanford ( or Notre Dame…although I am a heretic Protestant 🙂 )!!

Washington   30   Washington St. 20

Nobody really cares.   Just waiting for the next Mike Leach press conference rant 🙂

Bama    24  Auburn 17

A good, hard-fought game, but Saban’s boys find a way.  In other news, for the first time EVER,  Arkansas fans are yelling “Roll Tide” in hopes of the Gus Bus pulling up to Fayetteville next week!

Michigan  26   Ohio State  24     Upset of the Week

Yup, you heard it here first!!   Khaki takes down Scarlett in the Big House!!!

Padre is going on a ” Daniel Fast” until UF AD & Admin announce a new head couch.  Feels like the “nuts” part of the diet has a direct correlation to the current process!


ZT is on his way to Sam’s Club to buy 3 pair of sweat pants and a bathrobe so he can be prepared for the Thanksgiving 4 day eat-a-thon.

Thursday ( Happy Thanksgiving & don’t forget turkey goes great with anything for 4 days! )

Miss State   38  Ole Miss  24

This IS the Ole Miss bowl game for 2017 & a chance at preventing a losing season (5-6) and, oh yeah, take down their chief rival………..MSU (8-3) working for a better bowl game and hopefully keeping their coach!!   When MSU QB Fitzgerald runs for 100+, the Dogs are 6-0,  He also has 964 yds on the ground this year.  Plan on him having his 7th 100+ yd rushing performance and going over 1,000 yds for the season.  HC Mullen notes the game “with the school up north”, while important, is a step for the Bulldogs who have “bigger goals” than the Egg Bowl.  Perfect answer for a guy that will either leave or get more $$$ to stay as long as he wins.   Ask  Admiral Ackbar and he would say “It’s a Trap”  Hmmmm……Any team, like Ole Miss, with essentially 4 mascots in 10 years ( Colonel Reb, Black Bears, Land Sharks, and by popular vote, Admiral Ackbar ) is having bigger issues beyond the NCAA investigations/probation.  Word is the 2018 mascot will be Caitlyn Jenner, the fight song will be “STRONGER” by Kelly Clarkson and the Hotty Toddy chant will be replaced by the lyrics from the old Laverne & Shirley theme song ” Making our dreams come true” ( Generation Z people, just ask Alexa ).  Ole Miss AD hires Stone Cold Steve Austin ( WWE fame ) from his Broken Skull Ranch to come toughen up the team.  In less than 30 days, even Austin is wearing skinny jeans & drinking espresso with a Carmel drizzle.  He is sent to visit Rick Flair for some rehab.   In the end, Ole Miss will continue to be a .500 club and will accept moral victories for the foreseeable future.  ZT grants their wish as they play MSU a little closer than expected.   And all the Ole Miss fans trade a Hotty Toddy for a Pumpkin Spice Latte with a shot of Amaretto.

Will provide Friday updates once I eat & process 3-5 lbs. from a 1pm feeding later today and change into sweat pants & crocs.    Saturday Updates sometime late Friday after my 5th Turkey sandwich…..

Update.. best wishes for a speedy & successful recovery for MSU QB Fitzgerald with a tough injury early in the 1st quarter……..Turkey day intake fully digested so here we go for the Friday Games:

Va Tech    31   UVA    17

Cavaliers are improved under HC “It was not OJ’s” Bronco Mendenhall ( Former BYU HC ) but have lost 4 of last 5.   Gobblers ( Hokies is actually a fictional word from 1896 so won’t use it ) have a stronger body of work and if a Gobbler survives Thanksgiving, that is a bird you bet on!  Noting a favorite t-shirt in Charlottesville, VA is  ” All Dirt Roads Lead to TECH!”,  ZT sees the VA Tech buses kicking up a lot of dust on the ride home after a nice win!

Miami   34     PITT  20

Hurricanes have to be careful noting they already have a date with the Dabocados next week.  Possible Trap Game here…Short-term fun having THE U back in national prominence under HC Mark Richt.   Weather will not be a factor for the South Beach gang as 50 and Sunny is tolerable for the Canes in the Steel City.   Pitt HC Narduzzi will miss a bowl for the first time in his 3 years at Pitt.   A win over #2 Miami would be as good as a bowl game for the Panthers……………Sorry,  just be glad you have the Steelers to cheer for in Pittsburgh.

UCF   38   USF  27

WHO would have thought the ” War on I-4″ would be the key matchup in Florida this week?   Well, IT IS!   10-0 UCF Knights ( Mascot is named Knightro and looks like something Godzilla would have fought in the 70’s )  vs. USF 9-1 Bulls ( Mascot is Rocky the Bull  and looks like a Mexican Wrestler on WWE ).  Big things at stake as the winner plays Memphis for the American Athletic Conference Title and that winner likely is in a SOLID Jan 1 Bowl!!  UCF HC Scott Frost is on every HC candidate list from UF to UT to UCLA….also hear he is set to be on America’s Got Talent, Dancing with the Stars, and Naked & Afraid in the Everglades over the next 6 months!   USF HC Charlie Strong is in his 1st season at USF after stints at Louisville and Texas.   His only TV deal is Bass Fishin with Carrot Top………Even the Mayors of Orlando & Tampa have placed wagers on this game.  Tampa is betting cigars and local beers while Orlando is betting beers and the “It’s a Small World” ride at the Magic Kingdom ( Disney secretly offered it hoping to get rid of the most obnoxious thing in North America next to Justin Bieber! ).   ZT likes UCF resume better and believe it is a good game with UCF pulling ahead for good in the 4th.   Sorry Disney, you have to keep “Its a Small World” and the rest of us will just ignore Bieber.

ZT headed to make a turkey omelette with turkey bacon and a turkey shake for breakfast…Sat picks later today…..

ZT only has 3 ready for Sat…..bought a gallon of Rocky Road and 4 cans of Redi-Whip to help him CLEARLY analyze THE GAME and THE IRON BOWL….coming later….

Florida 21   FSU  20  Upset Special

Gators have no coach, Seminoles may lose their coach…….Only 22% of Swamp is occupied because FSU fans stayed home to attend an event called “Science Chef: Cooking with Chemistry ” being held at a learning center on Duval Street.   UF fans go to Rockeys Dueling Piano Bar where they will play fight songs from schools where the HC may or may not come to Gainesville.  With word UCF HC Scott Frost is “a done deal” at Nebraska, a world record for tequila shots is broken!!

Notre Dame   28  Stanford  24

Too close to Final Exams for Stanford to win……ND HC Brian Kelly refocused once his wife told him he is NOT the Coach Kelly every football program in the free world is recruiting.   Irish QB Wimbush says he will not take the preparation for granted like he did against Miami  ( wow, you really said that? )….Hmmmmmmm……..  Stanford HC David Shaw says he “doesn’t care if his team listens to what is happening in the Wash-Wazzu game ( which will be played at same time & does have Pac-12 implications )….Hmmmmmmm  again… ZT thinks the Tree people should go back and research that thinking…   WHAT IS GOING ON PEOPLE????  THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE SERIOUS COLLEGE FOOTBALL AND THESE ARE THE COMMENTS FROM MAJOR PROGRAMS???  

OK….I have eaten some sweet potato pie and calmed down somewhat…….all the above doesn’t matter anyway since no major Catholic holidays on the calendar, Pope sends locust to eat the big trees and this distraction, along with the UW-WSU score updates, provide enough distraction to put the Irish over the top!

Vandy  Pi ( 3.14159265359 )    UT   Winchester Deer Rifle  ( .308 )  –  Statistical Upset

Vandy……similar issue with Final Exams like Stanford while UT is dealing with the opening of Deer Hunting Season ( VERY convenient with their Team Colors ).  Being the game is a 3pm start, UT has the bigger distraction as the Jumbotrons flash pictures of 12 point bucks from deer cams around the state.   Close till late 4th when a photo of Butch Jones bagging a doe with one of his infamous trash cans is flashed…….after the game, Commodores stand a midfield of Neyland Stadium and chant ” We want M.I.T.!!!!”

Clemson 31  South Carolina 17

Dabocados pop Hulk Muschamp and the Gamecocks.   Birds never do that well at Thanksgiving anyway!!


Ohio State 38   Michigan 17

Ohio State wins because of Urban’s REAL passion vs. Harbaugh’s HYPE passion.  The only 2 eyes dotted today will be the I in Ohio and the Wolverine Defense.


Bama   24   Auburn 23

ZT on a text thread with 7 Aubs and 3 Bammers.  The Aubs LOVE their position of being a Home Underdog after knocking off #1 Georgia just 2 weeks ago.  Miami loss emboldens them even more as they are visualizing beating Bama, then Georgia a 2nd time for a ticket to the CFP group of 4.   They are not even phased by all the “Malzahn to Ark” talk and a few have said that may be a good thing.   Great game and not over till the whistle blows.  Got to take Saban for the win even though he has actually never beaten an Auburn team with 9+ wins……..Bama in a nail biter…….nothing funny about this game!!

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